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    LBC Partners has established an enviable investment track record concentrating on middle market control investments

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Portfolio Companies

Bruvado Imports
Pleasanton, CA

Beverage Packaging, Intellectual Property
Web Site

Today Sponge
Sonoma, CA

Consumer Products, Female Contraceptives
Web Site

Berkely, CA

Consumer Product - Athletic Body Wipe
Web Site

Pedemonte Cellers

Web Site

Websky Argentina Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Owned Infotel and Calbi, Argentine Telecom companies

Sold to NextWave Wireless / ATT

SCS America
Foster City, CA

ERP Software Consulting Services

IPO - Brighstar

Premier Medical Services, Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA

Healthcare Services

Sold to Pediatric Services of America

National Assessment Corp

Real Estate Due Diligence Services

Sold to Land America Financial Group

Management Team

Company Biography

LBC Partners is a specialized private equity and consulting firm focused exclusively on the lower middle market.

LBC Partners has demonstrated an outstanding track record of investing in and acquiring high growth businesses across a number of industries including health services, real estate due diligence, telecommunications, software consultants and consumer products.

LBC identifies businesses and investment opportunities that are strategically positioned for growth, but are held back from achieving their full potential by a lack of operating capital and other key resources.

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